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Kostenloses Abenteuer „Free Taiwan“

Mit „Free Taiwan“ stellt Catalyst Games ein Abenteuer kostenlos zur Verfügung. Das Dokument ist auf Battleshop und Drivethru als Download zu kriegen.

Get the Goodies

There’s stuff—good stuff, important stuff, stuff a lot of people want—that’s stuck. Sitting where it can’t do anyone a bit of good. And to people who know how to make money from such things, the fact that the goods aren’t moving is incredibly upsetting. Upsetting enough to make even the most kind-hearted individuals want to punch a baby seal in the face.

The goods aren’t going to sit there forever, though. Plans are hatching to get the goods moving and out into the world. This being the Sixth World, those plans involve twists, turns, and the kind of complications that keep shadowrunners on their toes. But if they’re brave and resourceful enough, they might be able to make some money off the cargo sitting on the good ship Free Taiwan.

Viel Spaß beim Spielen!

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