Shadowrun Missions: Extraction & Dreamchipper als PDF

Falls Ihr für eure nächste Shadowrun Runde ein neues Abenteuer sucht: die nächste Episode der Seattle Missions Reihe ist soeben erschienen.

SRM 04-02: Extraction wurde soeben veröffentlicht und ist unter anderem bei Drivethrurpg zu kriegen.

Anbei ein kleiner Teil der Story:

Corporate Headhunting
Parker Acson is a hot property. Horizon has just hired him, but they’re the only ones who want him. Acson has gotten the attention of plenty of players in the magical arena, and several of them are interested in getting a piece of him. The runners have been hired to extract Acson by a mysterious Mr. Johnson, and they’re going to have to move quickly to get him out safely. There is plenty of competition out there, and not all of them are interested in Acson staying alive and intact.

Ein weiteres Schmankerl ist die PDF-Neuauflage des Klassikers Dreamchipper (ebenfalls bei Drivethrurpg erhältlich).

The Year is 2050
Ladies of the night are being murdered and butchered with the skill of a surgeon.

The Gaslight Ghoul has returned, and he stalks the streets of Seattle!

In Shadowrun, the rampant substances of the 19th and 20th centuries are now as archaic as 8-track audio tapes. Now the escape of choice is the BTL, or Better Than Life chip. Plug it in and all physical pleasures, desires, and hopes suddenly pale by comparison. Some ‘experimental’ chips are missing, and you’ve been hired to find them. But an investigation of simple theft is turning into a grisly trail that seems to have no rhyme or reason. Now you are beginning to wonder … can these chips program someone to be a serial killer?

Viel Spaß beim Zocken!