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Shadowrun: Missions: Liberation (05-04)

Shadowrun Missions: LiberationEin neues Abenteuer aus der Reihe Shadowrun Missions ist verfügbar. Die fünfte Reihe spielt im Sprawl von Chicago und liefert alle notwendigen Informationen, um ein spannendes Abenteuer zu füllen.


Every shadowrunner knows the fear that comes with the words “milk run.” Anytime something is supposed be easy in the Sixth World, it’s guaranteed to come with unexpected headaches and danger, and that holds especially true for Chicago. Lothan the Wise, an egotistical troll mage who is extra irritating because he has the skills to back up his braggadocio, says he has a simple job. There’s no question that things will get more complicated than he expects—the only question is how things will go wrong, and which of the dangerous denizens of the feral sprawl will leap up to cause trouble. Runners will have to be fast, flexible, and able to think on their feet—but isn’t that part of the basic job description anyway?

Liberation is the latest adventure in Shadowrun Missions’ fifth season, and it has everything needed to throw players into the wilds of the Chicago sprawl and see if they can come out on top. Whether players are at a convention, in a game store, or playing a home game, Liberation has the plot, the details, and the game mechanics needed for an exciting run.

SRM 05-04 Liberation is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Das PDF könnt Ihr auf DrivethruRPG erwerben.

Shadowrun Missions 04-07: Burn

Ein neuer Teil der aktuellen Shadowrun Missons-Reihe ist erscheinen: in „Burn“ geht es um das Vorhaben, Den Ork-Untergrund zu einem echten Distrikt von Seattle zu machen. Es gibt genügend Leute auf beiden Seiten, die alles dafür geben, diese Wahl zu Ihren Gunsten zu entscheiden.

If constant friction makes things hot, then the Ork Underground is ready to blaze. Proposition 23, known to some as “Project Freedom,” is coming closer to a vote, and it could make the Ork Underground a full district of the city of Seattle. People on both sides are willing to do just about anything to make the vote go their way, and they’re demonstrating that willingness with blades, bullets, explosives, and more. This has become more than a fight for votes—it’s a struggle for survival.

Wie üblich gibt es das PDF auf DrivethruRPG zu kaufen.

Neue Shadowrun Mission inklusive Bonusmaterial

Die nächste Mission in Season 4 ist draussen: „On a Silver Platter„!

Die Zusammenfassung:

Best served cold

A year ago your fixer’s daughter was killed by the Mayan Cutter copycat. He always suspected that someone else was pulling the strings, someone highly placed. Now he believes he has proof, but that someone isn’t going down without a fight. The stakes are higher than ever aand someone’s trying to stop you before you even start! Are you ready to serve up a side of revenge?

Das neuste Abenteuer der Shadowrun Missions Reihe führt die Geschichte der vorherigen Abenteuer fort, die sich um den Kampf zwischen dem Ork Untergrund und der Stadt Seattle um mehr Metamenschenrechte bündelt. Diesmal ist es die persönliche Trauer eines Vaters, die sich mit diesem Kampf vermischt und er sucht die Runner auf, um eine Fehde zu beenden. Wie weit werden sie gehen? Die Spieler haben die Chance, die laufende Handlungsreihe zu beeinflussen und die Zukunft von Seattle in der Sechsten Welt zu formen.

Als kleinen Bonus enthält das Paket zudem eine Vorgeschichte von einer Convention aus 2010 genannt „Copycat Killer“. Bisher war diese Story jedoch nicht für die Öffentlichkeit erhältlich: das ändert sich jetzt. Diese Mission enthält zusätzlich zum normalen Missionsband auch die Copycat Killer Geschichte, ohne extra Kosten!

A little girl lost…

For three years the Mayan Cutter terrorized the metahumans of Seattle and many point to their inability to stop him as the reason Lone Star lost it’s Seattle contract. Shortly after Knight Errant took over, the killings stopped and the Tin Men took credit for bringing him down. But now the killings have started again. Is it a copycat or is it the real deal? You’ll have the chance to find out when a grief-stricken Mr. Johnson calls you to track him down so he can get revenge.

Also zwei zum Preis von einem: da heisst es nur zuschlagen!! Das Paket ist wie üblich auf DrivethruRPG zu kaufen.


Neue PDFs erhältlich: „99 Bottles, „Anarchy: Subsidized“ und „Shadowrun Mission, Smuggler’s Blues“

Für die Abenteuer-hungrigen Spielleiter (und natürlich auch Spieler) da draussen hat Catalyst zwei neue Abenteuer als PDF Publikationen rausgebracht.

In „99 Bottles“ wird erstmalig eine erweiterte Handlungslinie eingeführt. Abenteuer in Form von Kurzgeschichten werden mit Spielinformationen verknüpft so dass Spielleiter Elemente dieser Geschichte in die Abenteuerrunden einbauen können.

Bodies Are Stacking
Mob wars are ugly things, but not all ugliness is created equal. Things are going bad in Bangkok, and one Yakuza leader named Shinoda Yoshinori has been receiving a series of unsettling messages: bodies of other members of his gumi, packaged and delivered in a decidedly unique fashion. If Yoshinori wants to preserve his gumi—and save his life—he’s going to have to take action. Due to the depleted manpower in his gumi, he’s ready to turn to shadowrunners for help.

Na das klingt doch schonmal interessant. Aber das ist noch nicht alles, was Catalyst in Petto hat. Eine weitere Episode der Horizon Storyline wurde in Abenteuerform gebracht: Anarchy: Subsidized!

Nachdem das erste Horizon Abteuer „A Fistful of Credsticks“ die Spieler nach Los Angeles geführt hat, geht es diesmal in die Szenelandschaft von Neo Tokyo!

The Backstab Slide
The only shadowrunners in the world who don’t understand the importance of eliminating the competition are the ones who have already been eliminated by someone else. The Horizon Corporation wants its stable of music artists to sell a few more albums, and their brain trust has decided that the best way to accomplish this is to move some artists at the top of the charts out of the way. Outright killing the competition is no good—that often just boosts the deceased’s album sales. The secret is to get the public to stop wanting what they’re currently buying, and Horizon has developed some creative ways to make that happen.

Es wird Zeit, Geld zu verdienen, Chummers!

Zum Abschluss gibt es den nächsten Teil der aktuellen Shadowrun Missions Reihe in Seattle: Smuggler’s Blues!

Stay Secret, Stay Safe
Crossing the border into Salish-Shidhe territory is not easy under the best of circumstances. Crossing when you’re carrying an item that lights up the astral plane like a phosphorus bomb is even trickier. But the stakes are rising in the fight over magical artifacts that keep finding their way into the Seattle area, and that means the possible payouts are going up as well. If you can play the role of a smuggler to the hilt and make all the right contacts, you have the chance for a serious payday. Of course, you also stand a good chance of making some very powerful enemies, but isn’t that always the way?

Jede Menge Material, echt tolle Sache! Ich wünsche Euch allen viel Spaß dabei.

Shadowrun Missions: Rally Cry ist da!

Eine neue Mission der aktuellen Seattle Reihe ist bei Battleshop oder DriveThruRPG erhältlich: Rally Cry!

Der Orkuntergrund will ein anerkannter Stadtteil werden, die Chancen und Risiken steigen. Das bedeutet viel Arbeit für Runner.

The Politics of Deception
Whoever wins the war for the future of the Ork Underground is not going to leave a single weapon holstered. From waging outright violence to employing political subterfuge, both sides in the struggle are willing to use any tactics they can dream of to advance their cause.

Anti-metahuman sentiment has long been a hot-button issue in Seattle, and some members of the Ork Rights Committee have decided to expose one of Governor Brackhaven’s cronies for the racist they believe him to be. The only trouble is, people with a high public profile are usually very careful about keeping up appearances. If the ORC is going to support their accusations of racism, they may need some help in getting—or manufacturing—the evidence they need. That, of course, is where shadowrunners come in.

Shadowrun Missions: Extraction & Dreamchipper als PDF

Falls Ihr für eure nächste Shadowrun Runde ein neues Abenteuer sucht: die nächste Episode der Seattle Missions Reihe ist soeben erschienen.

SRM 04-02: Extraction wurde soeben veröffentlicht und ist unter anderem bei Drivethrurpg zu kriegen.

Anbei ein kleiner Teil der Story:

Corporate Headhunting
Parker Acson is a hot property. Horizon has just hired him, but they’re the only ones who want him. Acson has gotten the attention of plenty of players in the magical arena, and several of them are interested in getting a piece of him. The runners have been hired to extract Acson by a mysterious Mr. Johnson, and they’re going to have to move quickly to get him out safely. There is plenty of competition out there, and not all of them are interested in Acson staying alive and intact.

Ein weiteres Schmankerl ist die PDF-Neuauflage des Klassikers Dreamchipper (ebenfalls bei Drivethrurpg erhältlich).

The Year is 2050
Ladies of the night are being murdered and butchered with the skill of a surgeon.

The Gaslight Ghoul has returned, and he stalks the streets of Seattle!

In Shadowrun, the rampant substances of the 19th and 20th centuries are now as archaic as 8-track audio tapes. Now the escape of choice is the BTL, or Better Than Life chip. Plug it in and all physical pleasures, desires, and hopes suddenly pale by comparison. Some ‘experimental’ chips are missing, and you’ve been hired to find them. But an investigation of simple theft is turning into a grisly trail that seems to have no rhyme or reason. Now you are beginning to wonder … can these chips program someone to be a serial killer?

Viel Spaß beim Zocken!


Neue Shadowrun Mission „Hiding in the Dark“ veröffentlicht

Die neuste Shadowrun Missions Episode „Hiding in the Dark“ ist ab sofort als PDF erhältlich. Wie üblich könnt Ihr das PDF auf Battleshop oder DriveThruRPG käuflich erwerben.

Wer Shadowrun Missions nicht kennt: es handelt sich dabei um von Catalyst bereitgestellte Abenteuer Kampagnen speziell für Konventions und Spielemessen. Aber auch normale Spielrunden können auf diese zurückgreifen.

Hier ein wenig zum Inhalt:

If the Ork Underground is going to become an official district in Seattle, it’s going to need some cleaning up. Even if it’s not, some of the criminals down there have a pesky habit of bringing their activities to the surface, and plenty of people want them eliminated. Seattle law enforcement has had enough, and ADA Dana Oaks is determined to bring down some of the higher-profile criminals of the Underground—starting with a mob enforcer who goes by the name of Junior.

Criminals in the Underground don’t go down easy, though, and shadowrunners are going to have to use all their skills to track Junior down. When they find him, they might discover that their task isn’t quite as straightforward as they may have thought.

Die Handlungen von SRM 04-00: Back in Business werden fortgesetzt. Ich wünsch Euch viel Spaß beim Spielen und Leiten 🙂